I have prosecuted and defended everything from jay-walking to capital murder, from possession of a joint of marijuana to trafficking in tons, from sodomy to following too close.

And while I don’t claim to win every case I have tried– like some unscrupulous local attorneys falsely claim– I have won the majority of the cases I’ve handled.

Since your looking at my site, I’ll give you some free advice. If a policeman reads you your Miranda rights shut up! Most people don’t realize it but you don’t have to be guilty to incriminate yourself. I’d like to give an example: Suppose you decided to take a trip to New York. You went for one day and came back and no one knew you went. But on that day, your worst enemy was killed when someone matching your description pushed him off the Statue of Liberty. The police –through their investigation– learn that you and he were enemies, so they go to your house and question you. If you don’t exercise your rights, you could be the one that closes their file. And your statement that you were in New York that day could be the one thing the jury relies upon to convict you. In other words, don’t talk to the police– talk to your lawyer.